5 days in…jump in the fire!

I new when I decided to change careers for the third time things would be different…and they certainly have been.  When you go from a boutique advertising agency to a large development company nothing really is the same…except the wardrobe.  I know my father still has trouble with the fact I wear jeans and sometimes (okay often) a t-shirt to work everyday.  He is even more confused by the fact that my office is in my house, yet I have meetings all day.  And yes…most are face to face.  Through a computer sure, but there are still voices and faces.  Most just have on headphones.

It has been great getting to know the personalities of my new co-workers and understanding how they operate as well as how my new client base operates.  I can’t say that so far they operate much like my old client base, but I am sure there will be similarities surface soon enough.  After all it is only a matter of time before we stumble upon scenarios that I have been through before right?

My new company hasn’t wasted anytime in getting me in the mix…why not let the new guy lead this project?  Well I’m game.  I’ve only been leading a project or 10 at a time for the last decade so what makes this one different?  I may not know all the new processes or language, but I know how to get things done and that’s what I’ll do…I’ll learn the nuances along the way.

So far so good!  Hears to day number 6.

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