What’s in a logo…for a guy that makes logos?

As a guy that makes logos for other businesses, organizations, and individuals I have strangely neglected my own logo for more than 15 years. I drew something back in college, liked it and left it alone for some strange reason. It was ugly, meaningless, and really I am not sure what I was thinking using it as a representation of my freelance business. So as I worked on another logo design for a client recently, I decided to take a new look at my own branding.

Letter 10 has always been my freelance business name, and I still love it. It is quirky and representative of my name since “J” is the tenth letter of the alphabet. My wife and I have embraced this portion of the alphabet as our own and we have brought our kids into it as well (Ian, Jay, Kami, Lukas, Moore). Since that isn’t changing anytime soon, now I just needed to take a look at the icon attached to my name.

I have always been a fan of trees, leaves, and their symbolism of both strength and growth. I recently even had a custom tire cover made for my Jeep that embraced this love while also incorporating the aforementioned piece of the alphabet we have claimed as our families. From here I decided I wanted that symbol of strength and growth to carry through to my new logo.


So…here it is. My new Letter 10 logo featuring an icon which is a combination of a cursive “J” styled into a simple and subtle leaf. I went with a combination of fonts, the I feel work well together. One representative of the business and seriousness of my work and one a touch more playful and creative. I’m keeping the coloring pure black. Let’s save the splashes of color for your logo.


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