Moores Adventure

A few years ago, my wife and I were confronted with a common challenge these days. Our son, then 5, was spending way too much time inside and on a screen. We struggled to motivate him to want to do anything more than play games and watch shows on his iPad, though found one thing that got him interested was being outdoors, away from our home. He enjoyed nature, hiking, being on the water, and essentially disconnecting, without realizing it.

While we’ve always enjoyed traveling, our mindset shifted while we were on a Jeep Scavenger Hunt, called Jeeplahoma. We loaded up and spent a long weekend driving all around Oklahoma, visiting state parks, land marks, and staying in cabins. As a family, this was the most fun we’d had inside the state of Oklahoma! It triggered a thought. How can we do this more?

So our answer to this was to buy a small travel trailer, set up the Jeep to tow it, and hit the road!

Jeep Wrangler and travel trailer camping site
Our 2015 Jeep Wrangler & Forest River RPod 179 camping set up at Robbers Cave State Park in Oklahoma.

We enjoyed exploring areas of Oklahoma we hadn’t before. We got outside, we hiked, we bought some inflatable watercraft (canoe & paddle board) and this became our new past time. The more we camped, the more questions we had about camping. Where to go, what different campgrounds had to offer, and we turned to YouTube for answers. We were disappointed to learn, there aren’t many family camping videos around. So we decided to start our own and use it as a way to document our trips, and teach our boy the skills behind this habit of watching videos on YouTube!

Enter our YouTube Channel, Moores Adventure.

After a couple of years of camping in our Forest River RPod 179 and Jeep combo, our aspirations started to outgrow our comfort level of towing the trailer with the Jeep. We really didn’t feel good about the set up traveling more than a few hundred miles. We decided that we would shift our long-term plans toward upgrading to a Class-C motorhome, that could tow the Jeep behind it. Enter COVID-19.

As we all locked down our homes, and sheltered in place, we realized one of the safest ways to still be outdoors, and explore, was in an RV. Completely self-contained, and utilized with a goal of disconnecting, became the go-to way of maintaining our sanity! So we accelerated our plans and purchased a Jayco Redhawk 24B and expanded our options!

Our 2020 Jayco Redhawk 24b set up at Gator Grounds near Bunkie, Louisiana

We’ve already returned from an 8-day, 1700+ mile adventure to the beach, and have many more planned on the horizon! Keep an eye out for more blog posts and videos as the Life of Letter 10, expands to showcase how Moores Adventure.

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