What My Toddler Has Taught Me

You may have seen one of my blog posts about what my toddler (a soon to be 4-year-old boy named Ian) has taught me about business. The main thing I have learned over the past 20 years of working with various people on a variety of projects is they all boil down to relationships. Sure you have to have the knowledge to complete the challenges set out in front of you, however most of our successes and failures really come down to how well we understood others on the project and how well we all worked together. It is about managing one another, the expectations, and fostering the relationship to build toward a successful ending.

Since I can’t ever find the time to complete my one-at-a-time blog posts on the topics I thought I would give you a running list of what I have so far. I am certain this list will evolve into what my son has taught me as I surely won’t stop learning as long as I’m a parent and working with people. So most of my blog posts are focused on the correlation between this list and business but feel free to apply them to all types of working relationships.

Enjoy My Current Top 15!

  1. Everyone Loves a Routine
  2. The Most Insignificant Thing to You Could Mean the World to Them
  3. Sometimes the Best Action is Letting it Slide
  4. Resetting Expectations is a Daily Activity
  5. Constantly Outlining What is to Come Leads to Less Tears
  6. Persistence Leads to a Successful Outcome
  7. Always Have a Second Toy
  8. No Matter How Ugly that Favorite T-Shirt Is…Sometimes You Have to Let Them Wear It
  9. It Doesn’t Matter Which SuperHero You Are or They Are, WE are all Trying to Get the Bad Guys
  10. You Can’t Make Them Eat, When They Get Hungry They’ll Ask for a Snack
  11. If You Say Something You Regret, They will Repeat It
  12. A Kiss Fixes a BooBoo Faster Than a Band-Aid
  13. Remember If You Set a Precedence, It is VERY Difficult to Reprogram
  14. The More Poo You Deal With, The Easier It Gets to Clean Up
  15. Ice Cream Makes it All Better

PS…I’d be happy to adapt this to your preferred audience and talk to them about how these may be applied to client relations, management, business relationships, and even marketing.