101st Post

So I had been planning on doing some sort of big “100th post” with content about what the previous 99 posts had shared with whomever is out there reading these.  And then I felt my baby kick and I was thrown off a bit.  That was a very exciting moment for me and I wanted to share.  So here we go…on my 101st post!

I started this blog with a post about a basketball league that I was playing in at the time (April 2008).  My main goal in playing in this league was to relive the high school days and dunk a basketball once again before I turned 30…it was accomplished!  Kind of a strange post given the direction my posts have taken over the past year.  After this main post I settled into a theme…vacation!  I have made more post about traveling and spending time with my wife than any other post…I sure hope you enjoyed vacationing with me through the blog!

There were some posts in there about sports, some politics, and the occasional rant about things going on in my world.  Then came the excitement of my wife being pregnant with our first child, and the tragedy that followed.  I want to thank all of you for your support and the loving comments during this time.  I apologize for the sad nature of my posts…that is where I was.  And now we are once again excited for all the milestones we reach with our second child.  I will continue to post about this journey and of course there will be some sports, politics, random thoughts and maybe even some travel related post mixed in.

It took me three years and seven months to get my first 100 posts on the blog…I am hoping to get to 200 in a much shorter time.  Thanks again to everyone that reads my blog.

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